Another Front-End Framework?

Do we really need more of them?

Eh. Maybe not. But the reason Fuselage exists is because we needed another front-end framework —because the ones we tried to use were too heavy, too opinionated, and overwhelming to customize. This fits our needs, and if no one ever uses it but us, we'd be just fine with that.

How's it different?


Fuselage has no javascript dependencies, compiles on Libsass, and handles some historically problematic elements well.


It has responsive tables baked in, a simple and powerful grid system, and easy to understand, mobile-first media queries.


An entire typographic system is constructed for you using Modular Scale and easily customizable settings.

Ready to Go

Fuselage handles responsive forms well and provides some thoughtful helpers. All with the goal to get you up and running quickly.

Browser Compatibilities

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE 9+
  • Opera
  • Safari
Sass Logo

Built on the preprocessor Sass, Fuselage is highly customizable and speedy to work with.

Responsive Illustration

Powerful features you would expect from a big framework, without the heavy footprint and overhead.

Responsive Illustration

Fuselage builds off an elegant grid and out-of-the-box responsive elements to cater to all devices.